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Can I use Joss and Main store credit at Wayfair?

Your Joss & Main Credit Card can be used across all Wayfair managed brands: Wayfair, Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold. We're excited to offer several financing options across all Wayfair retail sites.

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Likewise, is wayfair and Joss and Main the same company? is a retail giant and Joss & Main is now a division of them. The huge conglomerate acquired Joss & Main and this is good news because it gives the store all the financial backing it could possibly need. is well known for being the biggest retailer of home decor at affordable prices.

Subsequently, question is, does Wayfair price match Joss and Main? But, I saw that it was a Wayfair “Brand” (Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse) so I jumped over to Joss & Main and found the same product, priced at $84.99 but not listed under any brand name. Wayfair does not price match with any of its competitors, though, so don't even ask.

Considering this, how do I use my wayfair store credit?

Visit your Account Balance page to see your remaining funds. You can also redeem your gift card on the payment page of checkout. Simply fill your cart with your favorite items and apply your code in the designated field.

Does Wayfair do credit?

Yes! We're excited to offer several financing options across all Wayfair retail sites. Order minimums exclude sales tax, shipping fees, and discounts. Every time you make an eligible purchase on your personal Wayfair Credit Card at one of our retail sites, you'll earn 3% back in Rewards.

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