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Can I unplug my tankless water heater?

A tankless heater takes a few seconds to drain; then you just unplug it. If there's too much scale buildup in the pipes, or faucet and showerhead aerators are clogged, or a turned-down faucet reduces water flow to about 0.3 gpm, these units automatically shut off.

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Then, can I unplug my water heater?

No, unless you're going on vacation for a month or longer, you shouldn't turn off your water heater. Here's why: You won't see significant energy savings. You'll create more problems by turning your water heater off/on repeatedly.

Furthermore, what is the downside of a tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters produce an endless supply of hot water, take up less space, have a lower risk of leaking, are safer, and have a significantly longer lifespan on average. The main disadvantage of tankless water heaters is their upfront cost (unit and installation) is significantly higher than tank-style heaters.

Secondly, is it OK to turn off tankless water heater?

Yes, you should, if it is for any significant length of time or there will be significant loss of water from the piping. For temporarily allowing repairs it probably is irrelevant, but if for vacation, remodeling, or the like you should shut off the source of heat, whether gas or electric.

Should I turn my water heater off when I go on vacation?

It's not recommended to completely turn off a water heater, but you can a significant amount of energy—and money—while on vacation by switching the water heater to vacation mode. If your heater doesn't have vacation mode, simple lower the temperature several degrees to prevent it from cycling on and off so often.

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