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Can I rent my house out privately?

You can let your property privately without the use of a letting agent, but using one has quite a few advantages. They will market the property for you and organise viewings, and get references from your tenants and draw up a tenancy agreement for you.

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Also know, is it illegal to rent your house out privately?

It is legal to rent a property with no buy-to-let mortgage only if you own the property outright already or are a cash purchaser. However, if you do need a mortgage, then you have to be entirely honest with the lender as to what your intentions are for the property.

One may also ask, can I rent out my house on a normal mortgage? A The short answer is, no, it isn't possible to get a residential mortgage with an immediate consent to let. So unless you can persuade your current lender to extend your consent to let to a new residential remortgage – which I very much doubt – you'll need to re-mortgage to a buy-to-let.

how do I rent my house privately?

Before you rent out your home, use these six tips to help protect your property.

  1. Find a Good Tenant.
  2. Determine How Much Rent to Charge.
  3. Protect Your Rights with a Lease.
  4. Protect Your Property with Insurance.
  5. Hire a Management Company.
  6. Prepare Properly for Evictions.

How do I rent my house myself?

How to rent out your house

  1. Make a financial plan.
  2. Set a rental rate.
  3. Have a property management plan.
  4. Learn landlord tenant law.
  5. Set rental policies and write a lease.
  6. Create a marketing plan to rent your house.
  7. Meet and screen potential tenants.
  8. Document your rental and protect their security deposit.

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