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Can I put solar cover on pool after shocking?

High Chlorine: Solar covers should never be used after shocking or super-chlorinating the pool. Reels also make it easier to clean the cover while removing it from the pool, and lets you roll the cover out of the way, or into the shade.

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Just so, should I cover my pool after shocking?

It is generally a good idea to remove the cover when shocking (high chlorine levels). If it is a solar blanket it will heat the pool during the day. fyi, what i do is put the bleach in and let it run for at least 2 hours so it's not sitting on top when i put the cover back on.

One may also ask, can I cover my pool with the filter on? If you're keeping almost all debris out with a cover, the filtration need is all but eliminated. Pumps also serve to “stir” the water, which helps distribute chemicals better throughout the pool, minimizing localized algae blooms, etc. You may find one or possibly two one hour runs per day is enough with the cover on.

Then, how long can you leave solar cover on pool?

three years

Are pool solar covers worth it?

Research shows that pool covers can increase water temperature by 4 degrees. This can make the difference between swimming and not swimming on some cooler days. Plus, when you consider how much money it would cost to warm your pool using a gas or electric heater, a solar cover clearly saves money.

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