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Can I put my Bromeliad outside?

Their original habitat is humid and they grow on shady forest floors or attached to trees. This means bromeliads are adapted for warm, wet, shady climates. If you live in an area that will not freeze, you can safely plant your bromeliad outside. A bromeliad can experience leaf burn if exposed to too much direct light.

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Thereof, do Bromeliads need full sun?

Most bromeliads grow under the cover of a tree canopy. Therefore, they are not adapted to being exposed to direct sunlight. Many bromeliads will scorch and lose their color in direct sun. There are, however, bromeliads that enjoy bright, direct light and will thrive in full sun.

Similarly, can bromeliads live indoors? Growing Bromeliads Indoors Overview. Bromeliads are excellent indoor plants. They have colorful, long-lasting inflorescence and some have brilliantly colored foliage as well. Although many bromeliads are epiphytic, living on branches and trunks of trees in their native habitat, most can be grown in containers.

Moreover, do bromeliads only flower once?

Bromeliads have beautiful foliage, but they are often sought after for their inflorescence and the colorful leaves that accompany blooming. Unfortunately bromeliads, with the exception of a few genera, bloom only once. New plants will grow, but often they need some encouragement to produce a new flower.

How often should you water bromeliads?

once a week

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