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Can I cut the fringe off my area rug?

For a hand-knotted rug, you can trim the fringe, or even tuck it under the rug, but removing the fringe is simply not an option. If you cut the fringe off, your rug will slowly begin falling apart.

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Simply so, can you cut the fringe of an Oriental rug?

ON MANUFACTURED ORIENTAL RUGS If it is manufactured, rather than hand-knotted, you can carefully remove fringe. If this is the case, you can carefully trim away any damaged fringe threads with scissors. Just be sure only to cut threads that are loose or fraying, and to leave the rest intact.

Also Know, how do you vacuum a rug fringe? Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep the fringes in like-new condition for years.

  1. Vacuum the rug's fringe carefully with the nozzle attachment to get rid of dirt and debris.
  2. Wipe up spills as soon as they happen so they don't spread to the fringes.
  3. Rotate the rug to allow it to wear more evenly.

Thereof, how can I hide my rug fringe?

If you want to remove the risk of fringe being torn away entirely, then you can “hide” the fringe. One way is to first properly secure the end so the rug is in tact, and then to hide those tassels (if they are short) by wrapping the end in the same way the sides are over-wrapped with wool.

How do you make fringe rugs?

Lay the rug on your work surface with the back side facing up. Fold one rag strip in half, matching the two cut ends. Insert your crochet hook through one stitch along the rug's edge being fringed. Grab the folded end of the strip with the crochet hook and pull it up through the stitch about an inch.

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