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Can I change my PSN gamertag?

There are two ways to change your PSN name -either through your PS4 or a web browser. On PS4, navigatethrough Settings > Account Management > Account Information> Profile > Online ID then enter your chosenOnline ID and follow the prompts to confirm availability andmake the change.

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In this manner, can you change your PSN name for free?

The first PSN name change will be free ofcharge, but “changes after that will cost $9.99USD.” The option to change your PSN name will cost$4.99 for PlayStation Plus members, Sony said.“Changes to online ID can be made through theSettings menu or via the Profile page of your PS4,”according to the blog post.

Likewise, can you change ps4 username? How to change your PSN Online ID on PS4.Start the PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro and head to Settings. Goto Account Management > Account Information > Profile >Online ID. There you can enter any new name you fancyand check whether it is available.

Also to know, does changing your PSN name affect games?

As previously noted by Sony, the option tochange your PSN name comes with a few caveats.According to Sony, at least 10 games have known“critical issues” as a result of thechange, including Sony-published titles like Everybody's Golf,LittleBigPlanet 3, and some MLB The Showgames.

Will PSN ever allow name changes?

Sony announced Wednesday that it will startallowing gamers to change their usernames, also knownas PSN IDs, later in the day. Sony says most games publishedafter April 1, 2018 should be compatible with the changingusername feature, allowing you to keep your progress, gamesaves and purchases.

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