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Can diabetics eat mozzarella cheese?

Cheese is often high in fat and salt but eating it in moderation is safe for someone who has diabetes. Mozzarella, Emmental, and Wensleydale cheese are among the lowest sodium options. People with diabetes should avoid more salty cheeses, such as feta and halloumi.

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Consequently, can diabetics eat cheese and crackers?

Cheese and Whole-Grain Crackers They are a good snack choice if you have diabetes. While crackers can be high in carbs, the fat in the cheese and fiber in the crackers may prevent them from spiking your blood sugar ( 10 , 11 , 44 , 45 ). To avoid these ingredients, always choose crackers made with 100% whole grains.

Additionally, which milk is good for diabetes? All cow's milk does contain carbohydrates, and it is important for people with diabetes to factor this into their carbohydrate counts. However, skim milk can be a lower- fat, lower-calorie option for people who are not lactose intolerant and prefer cow's milk.

Moreover, can diabetics eat pizza?

Pizza may actually be a good choice for people with type 2 diabetes; just be sure to order the thin-crust type and top it with vegetables rather than high-fat meats and extra cheese. It's also a good idea to watch portion sizes.

What is the best cheese to eat if you have high cholesterol?

Cheese and cholesterol

Cheese type Cholesterol per 1 oz. Saturated fat per 1 oz.
mozzarella 18 mg 2.9 g
Swiss 26 mg 5 g
American 27 mg 5.6 g
cheddar 30 mg 6 g

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