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Can closed cell spray foam be left exposed?

Explanation: Spray foam can be left exposed if it used indoors. spray foam exposed to sunlight will deteriorate in a year or so. Explanation: If used in some place like an attic, exposed spray foam insulation can be left exposed, but not in living areas of the home. Explanation: As long as it is closed cell insulation.

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Consequently, can you leave spray foam exposed?

If a home has spray foam insulation in an attic or crawl space, the building code requires using materials or assemblies that offer some fire resistance but not as much as is required for a thermal barrier. But the spray foam is still exposed to the attic and needs an ignition barrier.

One may also ask, is closed cell foam insulation flammable? Yes, spray foam insulation is considered flammable. No matter what a salesperson may try to tell or sell you, all foam plastic materials must be considered flammable in accordance to the international building code.

Subsequently, one may also ask, does closed cell spray foam need to be covered?

If you use open cell spray foam, you require a vapour barrier of at least 6mil. If you use closed cell spray foam, in most cases you do not require a polyethelene vapour barrier, but check with your Inspector first.

Can spray foam catch fire?

Like many materials found in a home or building, spray foam can ignite and burn if exposed to a sufficient heat source. Foam insulation should be considered combustible and handled accordingly.

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