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Can Class E hard hats be vented?

3M's vented hard hat is not approved for the electrical industry, but it can be used for delivery personnel or warehouse workers. 3M has Class G or Class E rated hard hats which are approved for the electrical industry.

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Just so, what is a Class E hard hat rated for?

Class E hard hats are tested to withstand 20,000 volts of electrical current and protect the user's head from arc flashes and electrical shock. Class E is the highest rating and is most effective at reducing exposure to high voltage currents.

Secondly, what type of hard hats are ANSI approved?

  • Class G (General) hard hats are rated for 2,200 volts.
  • Class E (Electrical) hard hats are rated for 20,000 volts.
  • Class C (Conductive) hard hats do not offer electrical protection.

Furthermore, what class of hard hats protect from electric shock?

Class A Hard Hats: protect against impact, penetration and low-voltage electrical conductors. For certification, sample shells are proof-tested at 2,200 volts of electrical charge. Class B Hard Hats: protect against impact, penetration and high-voltage electrical conductors.

Which class of hard hats is appropriate for most construction workers?

To qualify as a class E hard hat, one must provide the wearer with dielectric protection of as much as 20,000 volts. Class G Hard Hats - Class G hard hats are general use hard hats and are the most commonly found hard hats available. They do provide some protection against electricity, but only up to 2200 volts.

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