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Can chlorine water be used to water plants?

A: It's a waste, but fresh pool water is not safe for irrigating plants. It's because the chlorine in pool water is very toxic to plants. If the chlorine level is low enough, it's possible to use it. Periodically, pool water is “shocked” or hyper-chlorinated, which raises the chlorine level even higher.

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Also question is, how does chlorine water affect plants?

Gardeners know that chlorine kills bacteria and fear that chlorinated water will not make the garden happy. In fact, chlorinated water kills microorganisms in garden soil and compost piles, organisms beneficial to plant growth and health. However, because the chlorine level is so low, the damage done is minimal.

Also, how do you remove chlorine from plants water? Just fill a large bucket or wide-mouth jar with filtered tap water and let sit overnight. The chlorine will naturally evaporate. Then, mix this water with germinating soil or put it in a spray bottle to water your seedlings. Don't let it sit too long, or it can become contaminated with stuff floating around in the air.

Likewise, people ask, can chlorine water kill plants?

Swimming Pool Water Harms Plants Swimming pool water contains chemicals, especially chlorine, that can harm your trees and landscape plants when water drains and floods the area. Too much chlorine can damage tree leaves and other delicate tissues. Too much chlorinated water all at once can even kill trees.

Can aquarium plants survive in chlorinated water?

While they may not die, the chlorine is probably damaging in some small degree to the plant tissue. Of course plants like Java fern and anubias (thicker, tougher "skin") will probably fare better, whereas plants like riccia or cabomba *may* not do quite as well. Or it could simply have no visible effects.

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