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Can celery cause skin rash?

Family: Belongs to the Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)

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Also asked, can celery cause allergic reaction?

Allergic reactions to many different vegetables have been reported, but celery, specifically celeriac (celery root) is a particularly problematic food. Symptoms of vegetable allergy are often mild and observed in the oral cavity with itching of the oral mucosa, swelling of lips, tongue and throat.

can Broccoli cause a skin rash? If you have a food intolerance to broccoli it's still possible you experience some symptoms that are similar to an allergy. The symptoms most often experienced are hives or rashes.

Thereof, how do you know if you are allergic to celery?

The symptoms of a food allergy, including celery allergy, may come on rapidly (usually within minutes). The most common symptoms of celery allergy are a tingling or itchy mouth or throat, but can also include nettle rash (otherwise known as hives or urticaria) anywhere on the body.

What does a sun allergy look like?

Actinic prurigo: This usually presents as very itchy crusted bumps (nodules). PMLE and photoallergic reaction: A burning or itchy rash and fluid-filled blisters are common. The rash is often seen within 2 hours of exposure to the sun.

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