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Can Adrenaline be given through endotracheal tube?

Drugs that may be administered by the endotracheal route include epinephrine, atropine sulfate, lidocaine hydrochloride, naloxone hydrochloride, and metaraminol bitartrate.

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Correspondingly, can Dopamine be administered via endotracheal tube?

It is administered IV push or via the ET tube when necessary. The usual dosage is 2 to 5 mcg/kg/min given in a continuous IV drip. The dosage can be as high as 50 mcg/kg/min. Dopamine is mixed: 400mg (2x 200mg vials) in 500ml of D5W.

which of the following substances should never be administered via endotracheal tube in an emergency case? The endotracheal use of emergency drugs. Drugs that should not be given by the endotracheal route include bretylium, diazepam, calcium salts, isoproterenol, norepinephrine, and sodium bicarbonate.

Furthermore, can vasopressin be given via endotracheal tube?

* endotracheal (ET) tube. Only naloxone, atropine, vasopressin, epinephrine, and lidocaine can be administered via ET tube. The recommended dosing is two to two and a half times the I.V. dose, although little evidence supports this practice.

How do you administer endotracheal medication?

Ensure adequate oxygenation and ventilation of the patient's lungs. Prepare the medication so that it is 2 times the intravenous dose, and flush with up to 10ml NS. Hyperventilate the patient's lungs. Remove the BVM from the ET tube and inject the medication directly into the tube followed by the normal saline flush.

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