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Can a cosmetologist do straight razor shaves?

Cosmetologists are permitted to use a straight razor to engage in neck shaving services under the Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Hair Braiding, and Nail Technology Act, 225 ILCS 410/.

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Also, are straight razor shaves illegal?

You may have heard that conventional straight razor use is illegal in professional barbershops and salons, or that they are somehow unsafe for you or your clients, or that only single-use blades are permitted.

Subsequently, question is, can a cosmetologist use a straight razor in Florida? A licensed barber can perform all hair services, including color and permanent waving. They can also perform facials, including shaving of the face with a straight razor. Licensed barbers cannot do any waxing or nail services. A licensed restricted barber cannot do any chemical services.

Subsequently, question is, what can a barber do that a cosmetologist cant?

Both professions cut, style and wash hair, but barbers are better known for cutting men's hair while cosmetologists have female and male clientele. In addition to hairstyling, cosmetologists perform pedicures, manicures, waxing treatments, facials and makeup application.

Can a cosmetologist shave?

Although laws vary, in most states, cosmetologists cannot use a razor to shave customers and are restricted to only trimming a beard or mustache with scissors. Cosmetologists are normally the only ones who can use wax to remove hair. In most states, barbers cannot offer manicures, but cosmetologists usually can.

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