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Can a chainsaw cut steel?

Yes, chainsaws can cut through metal. However, you should only intentionally cut through metal if you are properly trained and have equipment that is built for that purpose. A standard homeowner chainsaw is not built to cut through metal.

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Beside this, can a chainsaw cut through nails?

Basically a good, sharp chainsaw will pretty much chew through nails and wire embedded in timber. That doesn't mean you want to do it! You want to ensure your saw avoids contact - even briefly - with metal obstacles in your wood. Because such contact will very very quickly blunt your saw.

Likewise, do chainsaw chains stretch? During operation, the chains of chainsaw can become loose because they stretch. This can take place in the case of normal operation as well that leads to sagging of chains on the guide bar of saw. The loop of a new chain become longer in the first use since it is used in single direction.

Similarly, you may ask, can a chainsaw cut through bone?

A: Yes a chainsaw can easily cut through the bone.

What is the gullet on a chainsaw chain?

The gullet forms the space between the actual tooth and the raker. The depth gauge, or raker, is what prevents the chisel edge of the tooth from biting in too much into the wood. The difference in height between the raker and top plate determines the depth that the tooth cuts with each pass around the bar.

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