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At what temperature does mycelium die?

Constant temperatures higher than 74 degrees usually prevent mushrooms from growing, and temperatures over 86 degrees for several hours can kill the mushroom mycelium (the fungus).

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In this manner, what temperature does mycelium grow best?


One may also ask, how do you kill mycelium? You can also spray visible mushrooms with a solution consisting of 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water. This will kill them, and you can simply wait for the dried mushrooms to decompose. A third option is to spray them with a commercial fungicide, which may have an effect on the mycelium.

Subsequently, question is, can mycelium survive winter?

The mycelium needs a steady food supply so that it can survive through the winter and early spring.

How long does it take for mycelium to fully colonize?

two to four weeks

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