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Are variable speed furnaces worth the money?

The best news … a variable speed furnace motor is 80–85% more efficient than a standard furnace motor. So, if you are going to upgrade from a 90% to a 96% efficient furnace make sure it has a variable speed furnace motor, and you could enjoy energy savings of up to $400 a year. Otherwise it's not worth the investment.

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Also know, does a variable speed furnace save money?

Compared to single-stage furnaces, two-stage furnaces save electricity and money. Variable speed furnaces are even better at saving you energy. They operate at a multitude of speeds and use smart technology to adjust the blower motor settings based on the specific heating needs of your home at any given time.

Also Know, is modulating furnace worth it? If you plan on living in your home for a long time to come, the return on investment is well worth it when purchasing a modulating gas furnace. They're certainly more expensive than their single and two-stage counterparts, but the efficiency cannot be beat, especially if you're living in a newly built home.

Similarly, it is asked, do I need variable speed furnace?

Variable speed furnaces do just that, reducing energy consumption while delivering better temperature control and air quality. If you're searching for a new heating system, variable speed furnaces should be considered. Here's what homeowners should know about using this technology for better heating at home.

How much does a variable speed furnace cost?

Furnace Prices Sorted by Efficiency (AFUE)

Furnace Type Furnace Only Furnace Installed
90-93AFUE 2-Stage Furnace $1,730 $3,260
95AFUE High Efficiency Furnace $1,740 $2,960
95AFUE 2-Stage, Variable Speed Furnaces $1,860 $3,710
98AFUE Ultra High Efficiency Furnaces $2,520 $5,190

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