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Are tree fertilizer spikes effective?

A: Broadcast fertilizers work best on trees and shrubs as they feed the whole root area. The disadvantage of fertilizer spikes is they only get to the roots immediately surrounding the spike. If you currently have fertilizer spikes, simply crumble them and spread them under the canopy of the tree or shrub.

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Hereof, do Fertilizer Spikes really work?

Fertilizer spikes are designed to release nutrients slowly into soil -- and they do, but sometimes not very effectively. Bacterial and fungal activity, not water, triggers most of the nutrients' release. Because of the spikes' design, they release nutrients laterally, which means the nutrients may not reach deep roots.

One may also ask, can fertilizer spikes kill trees? Don't be tempted to place the spikes close to the tree trunk. Too much fertilizer can weaken and even kill your trees. Keep the spikes at the drip line. Per tree, spikes are a little more expensive than granular or liquid fertilizer.

Considering this, when should I use tree fertilizer spikes?

When to Apply In most of the United States, fertilizer spikes should be used in the spring months, typically in March or April. Apply the spikes again in the fall months, usually in October or November. Plant the spikes when the soil is soft and moist.

How many fertilizer spikes do you need for a tree?

Spikes should be placed along the tree's dripline. Number of Spikes Needed per Tree: For one to two inches of trunk diameter, use two tree spikes. Number of Spikes Needed per Shrub: use one spike per three feet of height.

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