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Are training wheels bad?

Training wheels are NOT bad. I learned to ride with training wheels, and you probably did too. Most professional cyclists probably learned to ride with training wheels, and they turned out okay!

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Correspondingly, are training wheels good?

Training wheels are great for learning the unnatural skill of pedalling. But at the same time training wheels can be detrimental in learning to balance. By creating the assisted balance, training wheels also create an artificial understanding of balance speed.

are training wheels supposed to be loose? Training wheels should always be set slightly higher than the rear tire. While this does cause the child to tilt back and forth on the bike as they ride, this uneven riding is oddly necessary for safety reasons.

Likewise, people ask, are training wheels necessary?

The balance that children learn by riding a balance bike is all they need for eventually riding a pedal bike. Training wheels only provide an unnecessary crutch during transition stages. In fact, training wheels only teach children how to ride a bike with training wheels!

What age do you take training wheels off?

Forget training wheels and other funky gadgets. All you need is a child who's ready to learn; a bike; a gently sloping, grassy hill; and a wrench. There's no set age for taking off on two wheels, but usually by 4 or 5 years of age children have enough balance and coordination.

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