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Are tinted headlights legal in Massachusetts?

RE: Tinted Tail/Headlights law in MA!!
In MA, it's illegal to modify your headlights/tail lights in any way other than to increase your vision or safety. This means replacing your headlight assembly or tail lights with aftermarket units.

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Similarly, it is asked, what color headlights are illegal in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts like in many other states red and blue LEDs are frowned upon and only authorized on emergency vehicles and such. At least 2 headlights and 2 tail lights are required.

Furthermore, are yellow headlights legal in Massachusetts? Re: Yellow Headlights in Massachusetts (Harris_Teeter) Still illegal, but it'd be impossible to get busted unless I flashed a cop.

Beside above, what is the darkest legal tint in Massachusetts?

Window tint darkness in Massachusetts

  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the AS-1 line or top 6 inches of the windshield.
  • Front Side windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in.
  • Back Side windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in.
  • Rear Window: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

Are tinted tail lights legal in Connecticut?

No. In accordance with Connecticut State Law Title 14 Sec. 14-99g, the side and rear windows may be tinted to the point where at least 35% light transmitted can still be transmitted through the window as darkened, provided that the reflectivity does not exceed 27% reflectivity.

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