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Are there purple flowers?

Believe it or not, purple is one of the most popular flower colors. The blooms below range in shades from light lilac to deep violet. With its royal symbolism, shades of purple are sure to add some elegance to your garden! Scroll through to learn where each flower grows best as well as their sun and soil needs.

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Besides, are there any purple flowers?

Purple is a common choice of flower due to its variety of hues and calming effect on a space. It can range from light lavenders and lilacs to more vibrant violets and magentas. Add lavender to your bathroom decor to create a soothing retreat or include foxgloves in a bouquet to create a dynamic look.

Similarly, what are the small purple flowers in my yard? One of the most difficult weeds to control in the lawn is wild violet. This native plant may look cute and dainty, especially in the spring when it produces pretty purple flowers. But in reality it is an aggressive weed with an unusual flowering quirk that results in thick mats of leaves that can choke out your lawn.

Secondly, what is the purple flower in the fields?

They're winter annuals called Henbit and Purple Deadnettle. Both are in the mint family. They grow in fields every year, but they are especially colorful in years with mild winters, when the warmer weather gives the cool season plant more time to germinate.

Why are flowers purple?

With its origins tied to royalty and ceremony, purple flowers represent dignity, pride and success. Whether grouped alone in a bold range of rich hues or mixed in with other colors to provide depth and contrast, an arrangement filled with purple blooms represents accomplishment and admiration.

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