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Are there pine martens in Maine?

American Marten range across Canada and the Rocky Mountains, but only dip into the eastern United States in northern Maine and New Hampshire. They have large home ranges – up to 2,200 acres – and must travel extensively to find the food, water, denning sites, and resting places they need.

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Then, are there pine martens in Michigan?

The Pine Marten is alive and well in the Tahquamenon Woods. Also known as the American Marten, it was once believed to be almost extinct in Michigan and now has a healthy population especially across the U.P.

Subsequently, question is, can pine martens be pets? First, it is probably illegal for you to have one in your state. Second, you will have to have a special permit for it. Third, at almost any time your pet could be confiscated and destroyed by the authorities as a rabies risk. There is no evidence that the current rabies vaccine works on martens.

Similarly, you may ask, where do you find pine martens?

Found throughout Europe, in the UK they are mostly restricted to northern and central Scotland, with some populations in southern Scotland and low numbers in northern England and Wales. Pine martens live alone, only coming together to breed in summer.

Is a pine marten dangerous?

Persecution (illegal poisoning and shooting) by gamekeepers, loss of habitat leading to fragmentation, and other human disturbances have caused a considerable decline in the pine marten population. They are also prized for their very fine fur in some areas.

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