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Are there different grades of cedar fencing?

Cedar that is graded #1 comes from closer to the heart of the tree than #2, and has fewer and smaller knots. The knots that it has are “quality knots”, meaning that they are less likely to fall out and become holes in your fence. #2 grade cedar will have many small knots and also large knots and blemishes.

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People also ask, are there different grades of cedar?

There are multiple different lumber grading organizations in the U.S. and Canada, but when it comes to cedar—specifically Western Red Cedar, the specific type of tree that has the natural rot- and decay-resistant properties cedar is known for—there are two main cedar grading agencies.

Also Know, is cedar fencing better than pine? Cedar is a stable wood fence material, that does not warp, shrink or check. Cedar wood fences tend to last longer than pressure treated pine board fences. This pressure treated pine is guaranteed by the manufacturer not to decay or have insect damage for 20 years or more.

Considering this, what type of cedar is used for fences?

Cedar Fence is the Best When it Comes to Durability Simply put, western red cedar is among the two types of wood—red wood being the other—that is highly durable and lasts a lot longer than most other types of wood fences.

What is #2 Cedar?

#2 Cedar 1-F : Only one side or "face" of the board is graded. #1 and Clear pickets are removed. #2 Cedar 2-F : Two faces of the board are graded. #1 and Clear pickets are removed.

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