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Are there any recalls on Kitchenaid dishwashers?

There is no recall on the dishwasher, but there is a class-action lawsuit that names Kitchenaid and Kenmore, along with Whirlpool's own name brand.

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Similarly, is KitchenAid a good dishwasher?

KitchenAid is still one of the best dishwashers available on the market. You do not have to buy their best dishwasher either for an excellent dishwasher. The top three dishwashers we showed are the best value for your needs. Get the Yale Dishwasher Buying Guide with features, specs, and inside tips to all the brands.

Likewise, how long do KitchenAid dishwashers last? While 10 years is about the average, some brands claim their products will last up to 13 or even 15 years with the right care.

Here's who wins the battle of the brands on longevity.

Electrolux and Frigidaire 10 years+
Kenmore 10-13 years
LG 10-15 years
Maytag, KitchenAid and Whirlpool 10 years

Also Know, what's the best KitchenAid dishwasher?

Best Overall: KitchenAid Top Control Tall Tub Dishwasher in Stainless Steel. This popular dishwasher is our top overall pick, thanks to its modern design and cycle features. The sleek stainless steel exterior and hidden top controls dishwasher will blend seamlessly into your kitchen.

Which dishwasher is better KitchenAid or whirlpool?

Bosch came in better than average at 11.08%, and KitchenAid is slightly below average at 16.31%. Many of the more reliable dishwashers like Whirlpool are simple and sold to primary builders, so the numbers are a bit skewed lower. However, Bosch is 5.23% more reliable than KitchenAid in the first year.

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