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Are smoke detectors required in sprinklered buildings?

The IBC requires smoke detectors in interior corridors on floors with sleeping rooms, but NFPA 101 allows the smoke detectors to be eliminated if it is a fully sprinklered building. The 2010 edition of NFPA 72 is being adopted faster than past editions because of new requirements for mass notification systems.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, are buildings required to have fire alarms?

If you have a high-rise building — which most codes define as any building that exceeds 75 feet in height above the street level — then most likely you must have a fire alarm system, along with specific communication systems for the fire department to use if the building needs to be evacuated.

what buildings require a fire alarm system? Fire alarm requirements for educational, detention, assembly, business, mercantile, storage, and industrial occupancies

  • Educational occupancies.
  • Detention and correctional occupancies.
  • Assembly occupancies.
  • Business and mercantile occupancies.
  • Storage and industrial occupancies.

Also asked, are commercial buildings required to have smoke detectors?

Commercial buildings must have a fully functional smoke detector located in each room and hallway of the structure. Smoke detectors must carry a tag that clearly shows when the last maintenance was performed on the device, as well as the date in which the batteries were replaced.

Are sprinklers also smoke detectors?

Fire sprinklers are not triggered by smoke or vapor, but heat does set them off. They are designed to activate only when they detect a heat source nearby. They contain a small bulb in each individual head, filled with a special liquid. Only the sprinkler head or heads nearest to the source will start spraying water.

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