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Are Schmorl's nodes dangerous?

A Schmorl's node is defined as a simple endplate intravertebral herniation resulting from trauma or idiopathic causes. Although Schmorl's nodes have been considered clinically insignificant, they might indicate an active symptomatic process or cause serious complications.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is the treatment for Schmorl nodes?

An acute painful Schmorl node is usually treated by conservative therapy with analgesic drugs, bed rest, and bracing; in those cases in which medical therapy is ineffective, and the patient still suffers from persistent disabling back pain, some authors propose surgical treatment.

One may also ask, how common are Schmorl's nodes? Schmorl's Nodes. Schmorl nodes are the most common non–intervertebral disc abnormalities seen on MRI in persons without back pain, being found in 19% of the population [67].

Also asked, what is a Schmorl's node caused by?

Schmorl's node a focal herniation of intervertebral disc through the end plate into the vertebral body. Most of the established Schmorl's nodes are quiescent. However, disc herniation into the vertebral marrow can cause low back pain by irritating a nociceptive system.

Can a Schmorl's Node be caused by trauma?

OBJECTIVES: To document whether Schmorl's nodes occur acutely as a result of trauma. No acute Schmorl's nodes were detected radiologically. CONCLUSION: Schmorl's nodes do occur acutely as the result of a single traumatic episode, and are almost always associated with other acute spinal injury.

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