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Are Ridgid tools brushless?

Introducing the new Brushless tool line from RIDGID®. These tools are engineered with best-in-class features and technology giving you the ultimate tool performance. The new best-in-class Brushless Motors deliver up to 50% more run-time and longer motor life with a compact and ergonomic design.

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Similarly, you may ask, are ridgid Gen5X tools brushless?

The RIDGID GEN5X Brushless 18V Drill/Driver and 3-Speed Impact Driver Combo is a must-have kit offered at an incredible price. They are powered by Hyper Lithium Technology, an innovative battery technology built for high performance. This kit is backed by the Industry's Only Lifetime Service Agreement.

One may also ask, is ridgid better than Ryobi? however, ridgid are a higher quality of tool than ryobi. Ridgid seems to be much more popular for their larger equipment such as vacuums, gang boxes and some larger machines. I've seen much more of those around on jobs than their battery tools. Ryobi is a HD exclusive brand.

In respect to this, are Ridgid tools any good?

In my experience, Ridgid tools are quite good. They're often well designed, and durable. AEG came out with a brushless hammer drill, a brushless impact driver, and a brushless angle grinder, but there don't seem to be any immediate plans to release these tools in the USA.

Is ridgid better than DeWalt?

Price-wise, the DeWalt comes in a little cheaper than the Ridgid combo, so it's advantage DeWalt right off the bat. For starters, both the DeWalt drill and impact just felt better in the hand. Both brands are pretty bulky/heavy tools, but the Ridgid just seemed to cross the line with excessive weight.

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