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Are potatoes good for diabetics?

Although potatoes are a starchy vegetable, a person with diabetes can still enjoy them as part of a healthful diet. For this reason, it essential that people with diabetes monitor their carbohydrate intake. Potatoes are a starchy vegetable. They contain carbohydrates which will increase a person's blood sugar levels.

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In this regard, are potatoes bad for type 2 diabetes?

Indulge Your Potato Craving With Fiber-Rich Sweet Potatoes When it comes to foods for type 2 diabetes, not all potatoes are created equal. When boiled, they are a low glycemic index (GI) food, meaning they won't spike your blood sugar as much as regular potatoes.

Similarly, do potatoes turn to sugar in your body? The starch in potatoes is converted to sugar in your body. For that reason, potatoes can have a more significant response on blood glucose than table sugar.

Also to know, can a diabetic eat fried potatoes?

Whether baked, mashed, fried, boiled, or steamed, potatoes are one of the most popular foods in the human diet. The truth is, people with diabetes can eat potatoes in many forms, but it's important to understand the effect they have on blood sugar levels and the portion size that's appropriate.

What is the best breakfast cereal for diabetics to eat?

Many of my patients tell me that their blood sugars are best and they feel the most satisfied when they eat the following brands of cold cereal:

  • Cascadian Farm Organic Purely O's.
  • Cheerios.
  • Post Bran Flakes.
  • Wheaties.
  • Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran.
  • Kix.
  • Fiber One.
  • Barbara's Bakery Puffins (Cinnamon and Honey Rice)

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