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Are latex gloves FSA eligible?

Latex Gloves: FSA Eligibility
Latex gloves are eligible.

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Likewise, people ask, are gloves FSA eligible?

Nitrile Gloves: FSA Eligibility Nitrile gloves are not eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), limited care flexible spending account (LCFSA) or a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA).

Similarly, are face masks covered by FSA? Disposable Face Mask: FSA Eligibility Disposable face masks with a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) are eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).

Beside above, what can I buy with my FSA card?

14 unexpected things you can buy with your FSA

  • Skin care. Many skin care products SPF moisturizers and hand cream are FSA-eligible, as are acne treatment and prevention products.
  • Condoms, pregnancy tests and fertility kits.
  • Glasses and sunglasses.
  • Staple medications.
  • Heating and cooling pads.
  • First-aid kit.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Thermometer.

What is in nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are made out of a synthetic rubber, and are an ideal alternative when latex allergies are of concern. Nitrile gloves are the superior glove when it comes to puncture resistance.

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