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Are Kentucky Wonder beans stringless?

Bean, Pole, Kentucky Wonder. Kentucky Wonder is a brown-seeded bean noted for its exceptional flavor and its heavy crops of 9" green pods, borne in clusters. Pods are oval, thick, gently curved, meaty and tender, and they're stringless when young.

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People also ask, do Kentucky Wonder beans have strings?

'Kentucky Wonder' pods have no strings if you pick them before the plants' seeds mature. Wait until the bean plants are dry to harvest in order to avoid spreading bacterial bean blight.

Beside above, are Kentucky Wonder beans flat? The tender new beans tended to be more rounded. My Kentucky Wonders also tend to be flat, and the seeds bulge.

Hereof, are Kentucky Wonder beans pole beans?

The Kentucky Wonder is an heirloom pole bean plant with high yields and a dark green color! Delicious heirloom pole bean with heavy yields. Kentucky Wonder is a popular heirloom that is easy to grow in all parts of the country. An all-purpose bean that taste great fresh, freezing or canning when pods are young.

How do Kentucky Blue Pole beans grow?

Sow seeds 3 inches apart and cover with 1 inch of fine soil. Firm lightly and water gently. Seedlings emerge in 10-14 days depending on soil and weather conditions. Keep sowing bush bean seeds every 2 weeks for a constant supply of beans.

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