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Are kelp and seaweed the same thing?

But sea kelp and seaweed are not the same. Here is the difference between these two marine plants. Seaweed is a term which can be used to describe many different marine-based species of plants and algae. Seaweed ranges dramatically in size, whilst sea kelp is always quite large.

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Regarding this, what is kelp or seaweed?

Kelp is a type of large brown seaweed that grows in shallow, nutrient-rich saltwater, near coastal fronts around the world. Kelp also produces a compound called sodium alginate. This is used as a thickener in many foods you may eat, including ice cream and salad dressing.

Subsequently, question is, are kelp and spirulina the same? Spirulina and kelp were two key finds. Spirulina is a small, single-celled microorganism that's rich in chlorophyll, a plant pigment that gives so many lakes and ponds their dark blue-green color. Kelp, in contrast, is a brown algae that grows only in the sea.

Accordingly, are seaweed and algae the same thing?

Seaweeds are a group of algae, and have some special characteristics viz. macroscopic, multi-cellular, benthic, and marine. All the seaweed species are autotrophic, whereas some algal species rely on other external food materials. Algae inhabit both freshwater and marine waters, while seaweeds inhabit only seawaters.

What can I substitute for kelp?

Substitutions: If you don't have dried kelp, you can just use anchovies to make broth. As a side dish, you can use seaweed to make a similar dish.

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