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Are Jennifer Jones and Brent Laing married?

Jones is married to former world champion curler Brent Laing from Ontario; they have two daughters. Their first daughter Isabella was born prematurely on 13 November 2012 in Barrie, Ontario.

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Moreover, are Jennifer Jones and Brent Laing still together?

Laing is married to another champion curler, Jennifer Jones from Manitoba. They have two children together, Isabella and Skyla. Laing also has a child from a previous relationship. Laing currently works as an entrepreneur for World Financial Group.

Also, are Brett Gallant and Jocelyn Peterman married? Jennifer Jones' husband is Brent Laing, the second on Team Koe. The second on Team Gushue, Brett Gallant, is in a long-term relationship with Jocelyn Peterman, the second on Team Carey. “Honestly we do it all the time, because we play in grand slams together,” Jones said.

In this manner, does Brent Laing have a son?

Wil Friesen-Laing

Who Is Jill officer married to?

Devlin Hinchey m. 2008

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