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Are Java sparrows good pets?

Java Sparrows as Pets
Despite their formidable bills, Java Sparrows are not overly aggressive; they are gregarious by nature and breeding groups do well in large outdoor aviaries. Smaller birds are also usually well-tolerated. Single pairs have nested in large indoor cages.

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Similarly one may ask, are Java sparrows aggressive?

They are heavy-bodied finches with exceptionally massive beaks, giving the bird a distinctive appearance. However, unlike many truly aggressive finches, the Java is not a bully, and does not seek to do harm to any aviary occupant. They can be quite docile towards even the smallest of finches.

Additionally, how long do Java sparrows live? 7 years

Correspondingly, do sparrows make good pets?

Well, it's hard to say. Birds can be sort of fickle pets—especially finches and sparrows because they are social birds, which means that they need friends and a bit of room to go with them to be happy and healthy. Plus, sparrows can be pretty aggressive as well. VERY aggressive and violent little bird.

Where do Java sparrows live?

As the name implies, the Java finch is native to the Indonesian islands, including Java, Bali, and Bawean. However, they have been introduced to other areas, so the birds can be found in Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. In Java, the Java finch is a vulnerable species.

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