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Are humans Platyrrhines?

The apes are further divided into the lesser apes or gibbons and the great apes, consisting of the orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees and humans. The Catarrhini are all native to Africa and Asia. Members of this parvorder are called catarrhines.

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Thereof, are humans Platyrrhines vs Catarrhines?

The most obvious difference is the shape of the nose: platyrrhine means flat-nosed, whilecatarrhine means hook-nosed. In platyrrhines, the nostrils are farther apart and they point outward, while in the catarrhines, they're closer together and they point down.

Beside above, are humans Haplorhines? Modern haplorhines are divided into three infraorders: the Platyrrhini, the New World Monkeys; the Catarrhini, the Old World Monkeys, apes and humans; the Tarsiiformes, the tarsiers. The two geographically separated lineages of monkeys are distinguished principally by the shape of the nose.

Additionally, are humans Strepsirhines?

The lower primates or strepsirhines (suborder Strepsirhini) include lemurs, bush babies, lorises; the higher primates or haplorhines (suborder Haplorhini) include the tarsiers, Old and New World monkeys, apes and humans. Strepsirhines have moist noses; haplorhines have simple, dry noses.

Are humans Old World or New World?

Old World monkeys all belong to one family, Cercopithecidae, which is related to apes and humans, and together they are classified as catarrhines (meaning “downward-nosed” in Latin). The New World monkeys are the platyrrhines (“flat-nosed”), a group comprising five families.

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