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Are Heelys discontinued?

Rumbles are the cadillac of heelys. They very very comfortable, the balance of the wheel make them easy to roll on, and the wheels design creates a very smooth roll. Unfortunately they are discontinued and nearly impossible to find.

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Accordingly, are Heelys banned?

Many malls and schools have banned Heelys, due to safety concerns. He observes that, because Heelys are often sold in shoe stores, many parents assume they're as safe as sneakers. But one wrong move on a slick tile surface, such as those in schools and malls, can result in injuries.

are Heelys banned in Disney World? Heelies are absolutely forbidden in the Disney parks. If you check the last item in THIS list of Frequently Asked Theme Park Questions, you'll see that shoes with wheels are strictly prohibited. Your son will have to walk the parks under his own power.

Subsequently, one may also ask, do Heelys still exist?

Carrollton, Texas, U.S. Heelys, Inc., formerly known as Heeling Sports Limited, is the company which currently owns the Heelys, Soap, and Axis (unofficially defunct) brands. Heelys' headquarters is, and for and its entire history has been, located in Carrollton, Texas.

Are Heelys bad for your back?

Staying Safe and Preventing Injuries With Heelys. Heelys—those sneakers that have a hidden wheel in the back, so kids can roll around (heeling) in addition to the more traditional walking and running—are a lot of fun for kids. They're also a source of risk that smart parents will seek to minimize.

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