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Are heat pump dryers cheaper to run?

Counting the cost
A heat pump dryer will cost, on average, 63% less to run than a similar-sized vented dryer. They're still more expensive compared to an electric vented dryer, but with energy costs always rising, the heat pump model will be an even more viable option over time.

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Keeping this in view, do heat pump dryers save money?

Thanks to their reheating and recycling process, heat pump dryers are about as energy-efficient as it gets, with most models scoring the maximum energy star rating. So you're saving yourself a lot of money – more than half the energy use of vented electric dryers of most manufacturers.

Likewise, how much does it cost to run a heat pump dryer? Heat pump dryers are cheaper to run so they're worth spending a bit more on – especially if you use the dryer a lot. A standard electric 5kg dryer used daily uses about 1500kWh per year and costs about $340 to run – a heat pump dryer costs about one-third as much.

One may also ask, is it worth buying a heat pump dryer?

Heat pump tumble dryers do not get as hot as a normal dryer, by the nature of the technology they cannot do so therefore, they will almost always take longer to dry laundry. Of course this is good practice (read, essential) for any tumble dryer but, on a heat pump dryer it is even more critical than normal.

How much do you save with a heat pump tumble dryer?

You can expect a heat pump tumble dryer to average out at around £34 per year. However, the most efficient machine runs at £25 per year, which are amazing savings. This is compared to £77 or more per year for conventional machines.

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