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Are dogs allowed at Fenton Lake?

Fenton Lake State Park. This park, surrounded by pine forest with a 35 acre lake, sits at an elevation of 7900 feet, and offers a variety of recreation for all seasons. Dogs of all sizes are allowed at no additional fee. Dogs are allowed on the trails.

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Likewise, can you swim in Fenton Lake?

Pretty but you can't swim. - Fenton Lake State Park. “Camping and fishing.”

Furthermore, are dogs allowed in New Mexico State Parks? Dogs are permitted in all New Mexico state parks except Living Desert State Park and Rio Grande Nature Center State Park.

People also ask, what kind of fish are in Fenton Lake?

Rainbow trout Brown trout Rio Grande cutthroat trout

Is Fenton Lake open?

Fenton Lake State Park is open year round and even offers wheelchair-accessible fishing platforms. Stocked with rainbow trout from fall through spring, the lake is home to German brown trout, an ideal spot for fly-fishing. Although most anglers prefer the warmth and comfort of summer, there is also winter ice fishing.

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