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Are cracked mussels bad?

If the shell is broken or smashed in any places, the mussel is dead and will not be safe to eat. Look at the opening of the shell. If it is fully open, then the mussel is bad.

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In this regard, what happens if you eat a dead mussel?

Mussels that do not open during cooking or that have chips or cracks on the shell may be dead. The meat of dead mussels deteriorates, increasing your risk of microorganism contamination, food poisoning, infectious disease and other health problems. Earing dead mussels can be dangerous to your health.

One may also ask, when should you not eat mussels and why? Following the “R” Rule for Shellfish. Common lore states that we should only be eating shellfish, especially oysters, in months with the letter “R.” So we can help ourselves to all the oysters, mussels, and clams we can eat from September through April, but put the brakes on come May.

Hereof, how can you tell if mussels are bad?

Buy mussels that look and smell fresh, with closed shells. If the shell doesn't close, the mussel is dead and should be discarded (also toss any with broken shells).

Should you throw away open mussels?

The mussels should be tightly closed. If you see a mussel that is open, tap it gently against the counter; in a live mussel, this will trigger a reaction to close its shell. If the mussel doesn't close, it has died and should be discarded. Also discard any mussels that don't open after cooking.

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