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Are Child Life internships paid?

Each intern will have two long rotations 6-7 weeks in an inpatient and outpatient setting enduring 16 weeks (640 hours). The internship is neither paid nor does it require payment beyond the intern's own living expenses.

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Likewise, what is a child life internship?

A child life internship marks a very poignant beginning in every specialist's professional journey. This program is intended for college seniors, master's degree students, or college graduates with backgrounds and experience in child development, education, psychology, or related fields.

Beside above, how many hours does a child life specialist work? 40 hours

Correspondingly, how long is a child life internship?

Our internship program is approximately 15-weeks long. This is a 40-hour per week experience.

What degree do you need to be a child life specialist?

A Bachelor's degree is required to become a child life specialist. Programs may offer a degree in Child Life, a concentration within a human development field, or a minor in Child Life. For programs with a concentration or minor offered, the degree received may be in Psychology or Human Development more broadly.

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