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Are Atlas lifts made in the USA?

We have contracts with three premier Asian factories to produce Atlas® Lifts for distribution throughout the USA and Canada. The design of our lifts has been copied by several of the smaller factories, but the quality has never been copied.

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Also question is, are Challenger Lifts Made in USA?

Challenger Lifts. Challenger is a leader in the automotive lift industry. They offer an extensive line of 2 post and 4 post lifts, as well as many other varieties, like in-ground lifts. Many models are ALI Certified, and best of all, many are made in the USA.

Likewise, are BendPak lifts Made in USA? The pump on the Bendpak lifts is the only thing that is marked made in the USA.

Likewise, people ask, are Titan lifts made in the USA?

Headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana, Titan Lifts manufactures auto and motorcycle lifts as well as service equipment for auto garages.

Who makes the best car lifts?

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  • Triumph NT-9 (Best 2-Post Car Lift)
  • QuickJack BL-5000SLX (Best Portable Car Lift)
  • Triumph NSS-8 (Safe and Stable)
  • BendPak MD-6XP (Excellent for Low-profile Vehicles)
  • Dannmar MaxJax 1375659 (Powerful and Portable)
  • BendPak HDS-14X (Highest Weight Capacity Car Lift)

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