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Are asparagus ferns poisonous?

Asparagus Fern Is Poisonous To Pets. Poisoning Symptoms: Vomiting, Diarrhea, abdominal pain, Berries are more toxic than the foliage with symptoms being more severe. A common indoor houseplant, ferns can be considered toxic when ingested or cause minor skin irritation in pets with sensitive skin.

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Regarding this, are asparagus ferns toxic?

While the asparagus fern is a lovely ornamental plant, avoid growing it in your garden if your cat can access it. While the asparagus' leaves and berries are also toxic to cats and people, it produces edible vegetable shoots that both humans and felines can safely eat, according to Animal Planet.

Beside above, can you eat asparagus fern berries? The asparagus fern contains steroid compounds called sapogenins, toxic to both dogs and cats. Although the plant's attractive red berries are not highly poisonous, ingestion can cause gastric upset resulting in vomiting and diarrhea.

Furthermore, is asparagus fern toxic to humans?

Asparagus ferns are toxic to humans as well as dogs. When handling the plant and working in the garden near the plant, wear gloves to protect your hands and arms from the poisonous sap.

Are ferns poisonous to pets?

Plants that are considered true ferns are generally safe to grow in a home with cats. This doesn't mean that it's good for your cat to eat them. It simply means that they are not considered toxic and are unlikely to cause permanent or serious damage if your feline friend nibbles them.

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