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Are 12 volt landscape lights AC or DC?

Choosing Your Landscape Lighting System
In general, the AC high voltage system (120/240 V) is better applied to a larger landscape site, while the DC low voltage system (12V) will be a better choice for a smaller site. However, the DC low voltage system has the clear advantage of safety.

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Also, is Landscape Lighting 12v AC or DC?

No, low voltage AC lighting is not just used in landscape lighting to try and spite all those switching to LEDs. It was actually used in many old systems as it was much easier to create a 12VAC transformer compared to a DC transformer and incandescent bulbs could care less about AC or DC power.

Beside above, what voltage do landscape lights use? Some landscape lighting systems operate on "line voltage," the 120-volt current from your house. For DIY installation, though, we highly recommend low-voltage systems that operate on just 12 volts. They're less expensive, easier to install, safer, and use less energy.

Subsequently, one may also ask, can I use 12v AC instead of 12v DC?

If it is for example, a typical 7812 12V regulator, it needs at least 14V to work properly. If its a lower voltage regulator (say, unlikely 9V or 5V) it might work fine. With AC, current flows through 4 diodes, feeding DC only uses 2. So they have to handle double the current (which may or may not be fine).

Will 12v AC LED run on DC?

There is no such thing as an AC LED. There is a circuit inside which probably incorporates a bridge rectifier and current limiting resistor. If so, it will work just fine on 12 volts DC.

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